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Hi there.  I'm Katie Glaser. I've been addicted to doTERRA essential oils for the last couple of years.  I know there is probably a 12 step program available, but honestly, there have been so many side benefits to our oil usage, I'm okay with the weird looks, the curious eyes, and the "snake oil" jokes.


You should also know that I wear many hats in a day which include pilot's wife, homeschooling mom of 5, hobby farmer, oil educator, and business owner.  We sold our house in the burbs 4 years ago and moved just outside of town to a small hobby farm. three horses, two dozen chickens, 7 ducks, and a some of the sweetest barn cats around.  My interests include learning new things, photography, reading, Hallmark movies, beaches of any kind, and I might be a little obsessed with doTERRA essential oils. We are so blessed to be living this oily farm life. 

If you have questions about doTERRA or the content of this website, feel free to contact me at 859-992-3421.  FYI, we reside in the Eastern Time zone so please call between the hours of 9-5. If you're a late night emailer like me, shoot me a message and let me know the best way and time to reach you.

Thanks for stopping by!

Our Story

Like a lot of parents, my journey into natural wellness started with my kids.  I was shocked when I educated myself on the additives and chemicals in a majority of the things we were using on or in our bodies and our home. Not on my babies!! I knew there had to be a better way to keep my family healthy.


I was a frequent customer at the health food store and the organic section of the grocery, but truth be told, if someone got sick, I had to make a trip to the doctor because my natural remedies were not only pricey, but also not very effective.  I felt like a poser trying to live a natural lifestyle. I had no reliable tools to help my family when the going got tough.  

In fact, when I was introduced to doTERRA essential oils in 2013, I wasn't willing to spend the money on one more natural wellness flop. My Mom was the one who purchased our first oils because she believed they would be useful to us.  I was so skeptical that I used them sparingly for a while and only when we had a issue.  I honestly didn't know what to use them for so I didn't use them very much.

Then a few years ago the OCD and anxiety I had lived with for my whole life came to a head during our transition to the farm.  Lots of stressful circumstances that I couldn't control had me heading back to the doctor for a script for some meds because I wasn't functioning well at all.   I thought this would be the "easy button" because that's the theme all of the drug commercials portray.  Here's the kicker, I felt worse taking the medication and was so nauseous that I had trouble getting out of bed.  I finally came to the conclusion after 3 days that I'd rather be mobil and crazy, than sick and in bed. Ain't nobody got time for that!

Shortly after, I had a lightbulb moment standing in my new farmhouse kitchen that I had a book on my shelf and oils in my box. I decided I was going to figure this out, naturally.  It took me a little trial and error to find the right combination (and the Lifelong Vitality pack!), but along the way I started using my oils for all kinds of other things as well.


Guess what?  There was good stuff in that reference book and the oils WORKED!! I was shocked too! I knew at that moment if I was as patient with these oils as most people are with finding the right prescription drug, I would find a solution and relief.  Cue up the music because I felt so empowered to not only care for myself, but also my family. Thus began my addiction to essential oils...

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