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Education is my Jam...

I have a degree in education, so when I say education is near and dear to my heart, you can take that seriously.  I'm not trying to throw my credentials around, but before I taught my kids at home, I was an elementary school teacher and I am good at this.  I think it's also equally helpful to have a thirst for knowledge and a love of learning. Check and check. Teaching people about these amazing oils is what lights my fire so you never have to worry about those pretty little bottles of goodness collecting dust on a shelf.  We will put them to work for you. 

Whether it's Oils 101, an online continuing education class, following along on Instagram, or my Facebook community, Daily Dose of Drops, I'm always teaching people how safe, easy and effective essential oils are by offering an array of classes for all levels of oils users.  Remember, education is my jam.

I promise you don't have to be a molecular biologist to know how to use these oils.  If you've mastered alphabetical order, I'll show you how to use your oil reference guide you got as a welcome gift from me and you'll be a natural solutions provider for your family in no time flat. You'll be feeling all smarty pants and empowered and before you know it, you'll be telling strangers, "I have and oil for that!".  Just you wait!   

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Did you know you can use doTERRA oils on your babies too?  Human and fur babies. Mind blown.  With a few modifications here and there, these oils are for the whole family.  Let me show you how. (Ask me about the time when I put oils on a goat.)

If you're like me and prefer safety in numbers, you'll be pleased to know that you'll gain access to an online Facebook community, Daily Dose of Drops. Post your questions, find the answers. Simple as that! Live and recorded classes, giveaways, tips and tricks, details on all the promotions and you'll wonder what you did before you had oils in your life?!  

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