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Ready to get this party started?

If I had you at hello, then you are probably wondering how to get started?  Let me show you how...

How to Purchase:

1. Click here.

2. Click on Become a Member on the top right.

3.  Choose Wholesale Customer option if you just want to be a customer or choose Wellness Advocate if you want to partner with me.

4.  Enter your personal information.

5.  Choose a starter kit: all can be found here. (tip: the Healthy Home Kit  is my favorite, followed by the Healthy Essentials Kit and then my favorite sample starter kit is the Healthy Start Kit.) or the $35 wholesale membership option to select those specific oils you'd like to begin with.  (Fun Fact: When the renewal period arrives it will only cost you $25/year and you'll get a peppermint oil valued at $20.50 wholesale.  A few bucks to keep your membership?  Yes, please!

6. Finalize and process now.  

7.  Congrats!  Welcome to my team!  You just made a major play in managing your health and wellness in an all natural way and I'm looking forward to mentoring you on your oily journey. Please email Katie (that's me!) at ouroilyfarmlife@gmail if you do not receive a welcome email within 24 hours.  Sometimes technology glitches and I don't want you to miss out on our team perks. Welcome aboard!

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