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So you love these oils too?

I hate to say "I told you so", but when you experience something wonderful that has made a difference in your own life, you just can't help but share it with those you care about.


Here are the 3 ways I work with people...

1.  People that casually share oils to help pay for their "habit".  This would be to share samples and invite people to a class either you host or co-host. Time commitment 3-5 hours/week=$200-700/month.

2.  People who want to supplement their income.  This would be sharing oils, hosting classes and finding people who'd like to do the business with you.  Time commitment is 10-15 hours/week=$700-$4,000/month.

3.  People who want to replace their income. Sharing oils, hosting classes, finding business builders, leading a team.  Time commitment is 15-30 hours per week=$4,000-$16,000/month

So if you love oils and like the idea of getting paid to share them, this might be a good fit for you.  Here's the kicker, you also need to be in alignment with the guidelines below to be successful...

  • You need to love people, be compassionate and desire to relieve their suffering. You care enough to want them to live their best life!

  • Being a product of the product is key.  You need to share oils from your own successes as you invite people to change their health.  

  • You must enjoy making new friends and forming new relationships.

  • You need to take pleasure in learning new things and be open to training/mentoring.

  • You need to be more concerned about helping people than what people think of you sharing oils with them. Meaning, you need to be comfortable with being uncomfortable by stepping out of your comfort zone. 

  • You must have some computer skills.

  • You must have a Facebook account or be willing to get one and learn to use this social media platform.

  • Good communication skills are important.

  • You must be willing to learn to host classes and to educate people.

  • You must be willing to set aside time for your professional development by reading business books, attending doTERRA's Global Convention in Salt Lake City, UT live or streaming, and participating in live/online business trainings monthly.

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