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Step Right up...

I get it!  I've been disappointed, let down and discouraged by so many ineffective natural options too which is why I gladly give away a plethora of samples each week. It makes me so darn happy to gift a sample to someone and then hear the delight and dismay when we nail the solution to their health challenges.  Mission accomplished! Hear what the former skeptics are saying now...


"Before Katie shared this sleep blend, I was struggling occasionally with restless nights where I was sometimes sleeping only 2 hours at a time.  Some days I would experience a temporary feeling of exhaustion to the point of tears.  It took a few weeks, but with my sleep supported, I'm waking up feeling refreshed. On the occasion I wake up in the night , I am able to get back to sleep. I told her I'll be a customer for life!" -Judith age 78 


"Katie is a key factor in supporting my family's health. She inspired us and taught us to take charge with natural options to help with seasonal threats, breathing discomfort, occasional feelings of anxiety, joint discomfort, and even assisting with occasional involuntary physical movements and vocal sounds. Katie is patient and kind and I feel incredibly lucky to have her guiding me through this exciting journey with doTERRA's amazing oils.  It's all been life changing!" -Jessie, Mom of two boys

"One night I was preparing dinner and forgot that I had an iron skillet in my oven that was preheating.  I took it out and put it on the cook top to cool.  When I went to saute something, I forgot about the hot skillet and moved it with my bare hand, instantly I  felt discomfort. I had a temporary skin irritation so  I contacted Katie and she suggested to put lavender oil on my hand every few minutes at first and then again before bed. To my amazement, by the time I went to bed, the irritation went away.  The next morning the only evidence of this incident was a slight wrinkle in my skin!  I became a believer that day." -Sandy age 73


"Before we had oils, we had a lot more suffering." -Nash age 7

"First, let me start out by saying that my friend dragged me to a “Oils-101” class in her neighborhood.  Not that I am against oils (I do believe in holistic healthcare), but I never even thought about oils as holistic care.  From the minute I walked into Katie Glaser’s door, I knew this was going to be fun.  Her outgoing personality and her love of oils just oozed out of her.  She was so excited to share her knowledge of oils, how could I not listen?  I sat through the class and started learning about oils and what they can do. It was very interesting! At the end of the class I bought the Family Essentials Kit.  At first, it seemed overwhelming to me, but every time I got confused as to what to do with which oil, I reached out to Katie (who is always happy to help me).  The next month I bought a few more {oils}, and a few more the next month.  Katie’s enthusiasm must have rubbed off on me because I love oils and figuring out ways to use them!  My family laughs at me since I have an oil for everything.  I even have a diffuser for my anxious dog to help calm him down (Lavender or Serenity).  Thank you, Katie, for your excitement and enthusiasm without which I don’t think I would have gone past the first class! -Shelly   

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